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Observing wildlife…it’s exciting!

April 12, 2013


  Oh my, i’ve seen lots of gators over the years, but never encountered one that clearly appeared determined to protect something! And this was no scrawny gator either, the animal was at least 8ft, very large! Usually when spotting gators they are often laying quietly soaking up the sun. Not this one, it was […]

Doberman Puppy Meets More Dogs!

December 8, 2012


  Doberman puppy meets more dogs, including resident dog Boudicca here To illustrate how to ideally introduce new dogs to resident and unknown dogs, this adolescent dog has been in my care since Tuesday December 4th and has not been introduced to any dogs. They have seen her in my care, they’ve scented her kennel.

Puppy Meets Darwin!

December 8, 2012


Watch Ellsa [newest foster dog] meet Darwin for the first time here   Updated January 2013, puppy is not doberman!

Teaching Voluntary Attention

November 16, 2012


Teaching Voluntary Attention   Having our dogs attention should be at the top of the list of behaviors to train and without it, your relationship with your dog will suffer.  Start using the Teaching Attention handout [not included here]. Getting dogs to voluntarily offer their attention is the goal and can easily be achieved if […]

Boudicca learns to fast walk the fountain perimeter!

October 21, 2012


This is Boudicca doing “Up.” It’s a common trick some dogs are capable of doing. That’s great, she’s too cute, but the point here concerns dog learning and building foundation skills. The fountain in the background is located at Island Park near downtown Sarasota, across from Marina Jacks Restaurant and fueling docks. The fountain is […]

It’s all about boarding safely!

August 5, 2012


It’s all about boarding safely! If you’re thinking about boarding your pet it’s a good idea to check out the boarding location thoroughly. The following article provides useful information on what you should expect in addition to the type of housing and care your dog will be receiving. The following are videos that might […]