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Puppy Meets Darwin!

December 8, 2012


Watch Ellsa [newest foster dog] meet Darwin for the first time here   Updated January 2013, puppy is not doberman!

Teaching Voluntary Attention

November 16, 2012


Teaching Voluntary Attention   Having our dogs attention should be at the top of the list of behaviors to train and without it, your relationship with your dog will suffer.  Start using the Teaching Attention handout [not included here]. Getting dogs to voluntarily offer their attention is the goal and can easily be achieved if […]

All dogs poop, who’s responsible for our poop bags? 

October 21, 2012


All dogs poop, who’s responsible for our poop bags? Question, how many dog professionals and dog owners buy their own doggie clean up bags? How many of us depend on our parks and public places to supply us with doggie clean up bags? I’m not including dog parks in this rant, my concern is public […]