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Anticipation – Using Time Outs versus Stops

February 18, 2014


“A common flaw in stimulus-controlled behavior is anticipation: Once the cue has been learned, the subject is so eager to offer the behavior that it acts before the cue has actually been given” (Pryor, 1984, 1999). I prefer to use the training correction “stops” given the context is connected with actively training dogs versus using timeouts for social corrections. There are inherent differences between the two types of context and use. To avoid confusion and provide consistent feedback between dog and owner/handler, understanding when, why, where, and for what reason should be considered at all times. Dogs learn best when provided clear rules concerning their behavioral responses, doing this avoids anxiety produced when any subject is unsure about any consequences that may result from their behavior. This also explains why using punishment, especially incorrectly, can cause serious learning deficits.

Be Careful When Reading Studies On Animal Behavior

September 5, 2013


  It is interesting to note in this study Wolves show scientists are barking up the wrong tree  that captive wolves performed the tests better or equal to that of dogs raised in human environments/homes. I agree with the suggestion that learning to cooperate with humans and/or in this instance, pay attention will be more successful when […]

Tips for bike riding with dogs! Why safety is so important

April 14, 2013


Tips for bike riding with dogs! Why safety is so important! First things first. Why should anyone be concerned whether someone has actually trained the dog to trot or run alongside a bike? Because it can be dangerous, not only for you and your dog, but for others as well. All kinds of accidents can […]

The Evolution and Domestication of Dogs

February 7, 2013


The Evolution and Domestication of the Dog It is not hard to understand how many ways dog’s companionship serves human needs today. Dogs, resulting from domestication enjoy a truly unique status as companion animals. No other domestic animal enjoys the comfort and companionship given the dog. However, understanding how dogs achieved such unique status one […]

What does an aggressive dog look like, some examples? What do we look for when evaluating an aggressive dog?

August 17, 2012


What does an aggressive dog look like, some examples? What do we look for when evaluating an aggressive dog? The origins of ethology are deeply rooted in the works of Charles Darwin.  In his book, The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (1872/1965), he “described and catalogued” the most common social displays exhibited […]

It’s all about boarding safely!

August 5, 2012


It’s all about boarding safely! If you’re thinking about boarding your pet it’s a good idea to check out the boarding location thoroughly. The following article provides useful information on what you should expect in addition to the type of housing and care your dog will be receiving. The following are videos that might […]