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Get “In” the Basket Session III

January 26, 2013


  This was pretty easy to train, in three sessions, i eliminated an x-pen surrounding the basket that limited Ellsa’s space/environment. I’ve added verbal and visual signals, added distance, movement and additional signals. This was all accomplished by using her dry Canidae “All Life Stages Kibble” as treats/rewards instead of feeding her out of a […]

Shaping or luring, which training method was faster?

January 24, 2013


Goal behavior “get in basket.” I first tried shaping, giving her time to figure out what I wanted without any help from me, except using c/t when she volunteered behavior moving toward goal. The training session was over 30 minutes and she never completely got in the basket and stayed. I used some prompting tossing […]

Ellsa learning fetch and retrieve even with distractions

January 24, 2013


  Watch Ellsa learn how to be cooperative while learning fetch and retrieve here

Distractions, dealing with reactive group member

January 12, 2013


  Sometimes the environment offers great opportunities to make one’s point! The adolescent dog was actually a bit better than before I stopped, went back inside to get video camera and set up the demonstration. On the other hand, even though she is still a bit reactive, she does calm down simply by ignoring her. […]

Ellsa [foster dog] learning to tolerate a vacuum!

January 5, 2013


This was not a training session nor a purposeful intention to desensitize this dog to the sound of a vacuum. She just had her nails trimmed and my intention was to clean up the trimmed nails. What i noticed was how good she is getting simply ignoring her earlier vocalizations and behavior. Previously she would […]

Training positions, not perfection! Yet!

January 2, 2013


    Training positions, not perfection! Yet! here