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Lack of play behavior in dogs may be indicator for lack of well-being!

June 12, 2014


It’s not unusual for dog trainers to use a dog’s willingness to take treats, during training, as an indicator for lack of anxiety and/or fear. Given in the context of behavior modification, it’s often necessary to move reactive, fear and/or anxiety related dogs away from stimuli (targets) to reduce the reactivity cycle and facilitate the eating of treats. The premise is, when dogs actively take treats, during behavior modification, they are building new brain connections, using classical conditioning, that are more adaptive in those contexts, because dogs are learning (operant conditioning) to perform alternative behavior/s that are more desirable.

Dog Play and Socialization

February 21, 2014


  February 21, 2014 This is Zoey, meeting Cooper (Vizsla) for first time. She’s already met Darwin and Boudicca, my dogs.

Christie and Darwin First Meeting

March 7, 2013


    This video is completely annotated so viewers understand the purpose for using the Jafco muzzle and not take away the wrong impression. Definition: Annotate to make or furnish critical or explanatory notes or comment

Christie and Cooper First Meeting

March 6, 2013


  Christie and Cooper first meeting, both dogs are adolescents, 9 months and 1 year.

Leash aggression: is it really fear related or was it really frustration?

March 1, 2013


I often read the same examples given, often only slightly varying the details, for dogs acting aggressively on lead. In most instances, fear is suggested as the cause of the dog’s reactive behavior. I’m reluctant to believe that fear is the cause for most of these dogs reaction. It often takes a while to get […]

Lilly socializing with Darwin

December 26, 2012


    Lilly socializing with Darwin continues here