“The Gauntlet” Leave It Challenge Continued

Posted on December 13, 2012


Darwin ~ James Dean Look!

Darwin ~ James Dean Look!

This is a new “Leave It Challenge” called “The Gauntlet”!  In the first video, Part One, we’re doing warm ups, aka “proofing” trained behavior. Prior to laying down “The Gauntlet” Darwin was worked to acclimate him to the new environment and this day! We did basic heel work and short bike ride to improve focus! This preparation improves the chance of success and sets your dog up to succeed too!

These videos show actual practice sessions and final trial runs.

Part One here  http://youtu.be/NeFQ1U9dGU0

This second video is the “Leave It Challenge” run throughs. It looks easy. That’s because Darwin has learned sufficient foundation behavior allowing us to go out in one day and complete this challenge successfully! No previous practice. This was it!

Part Two here  http://youtu.be/qsBB-wIOD_I

Finished the day working on lead and with dropped lead here http://youtu.be/aCdyEx6IzE0