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Anticipation – Using Time Outs versus Stops

February 18, 2014


“A common flaw in stimulus-controlled behavior is anticipation: Once the cue has been learned, the subject is so eager to offer the behavior that it acts before the cue has actually been given” (Pryor, 1984, 1999). I prefer to use the training correction “stops” given the context is connected with actively training dogs versus using timeouts for social corrections. There are inherent differences between the two types of context and use. To avoid confusion and provide consistent feedback between dog and owner/handler, understanding when, why, where, and for what reason should be considered at all times. Dogs learn best when provided clear rules concerning their behavioral responses, doing this avoids anxiety produced when any subject is unsure about any consequences that may result from their behavior. This also explains why using punishment, especially incorrectly, can cause serious learning deficits.

How to Select a Dog Trainer Guide for Veterinarians

January 31, 2014


Veterinarians should play a key role in helping to guide clients towards trainers who use appropriate methods and have some baseline knowledge about dog behavior. For veterinarians who do not wish to cultivate relationships with specific trainers, but would like to give their clients guidance on choosing a trainer, providing a handout that their clients could use to screen trainers should help. The screening information below can also be downloaded as a handout from the ACVB website ( This screening process is designed to help clients avoid trainers who use methods that can often lead to more problematic behaviors and impair an animal’s welfare.

SeaWorld and Fans Avoid “Blackfish” by Changing the Subject

October 29, 2013


SeaWorld has issued a couple responses toward the film since its theatrical release, but the answers they are giving the public in these responses are less than satisfying. One of the main arguments brought against “Blackfish” by SeaWorld and fans is that it does not mention the company’s work with conservation and rescue. This is an obvious […]

Cesar Millan’s Pain Flowchart

October 16, 2013


Originally posted on Science of Dogs:
With this handy chart, Millan and fans can easily dismiss any and all concerns about a dog’s well-being. Use this handy flowchart to help you justify the use of force. Deutsch   Français   Español   Svenska Related articles Shadow and Cesar Millan: An Update on the Strung Up Husky ( Exhaustion…

More on the dreaded “No Reward Marker”

September 13, 2013


Here’s the video that sparked this post!  Dogs at play and my commentary! Darwin, Cooper and Boudicca Sept 2013  This is great! If you don’t watch anything but the last 1 minute or less, the opportunity is presented and it’s set up during the video with my added commentary and my well-timed use of a […]

More on Self-Control and Managing Dogs Behavior

September 1, 2013


“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” Abraham Maslow 1966 Dog trainers when disparaging other dog trainers who in their opinion are using methods contradictory to theirs often use this popularly used phrase. I’m going to suggest the same sentiment carries over to anyone they oppose and can and does […]


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