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Historical difference between behaviorism and ethology

October 8, 2013


Let’s examine this issue for what it is! I could be wrong, but wasn’t or isn’t the rift between those coming from strict behaviorism backgrounds vs those coming from ethological, biological type backgrounds specializing in actually studying animals in their natural habitats more about the fact that behaviorists, meaning those who followed Skinner were not […]

Greeting dogs, how and what are we teaching them?

April 12, 2013


How many people have the opportunity to go into an owners home for the purposes of working with [training], taking a dog/s out or attending to [pet sitting for example] when the owner/s are not home?  I’m asking this question because I’m interested in how the dogs generally greet you.  And how do you generally […]

Using Bells to Indicate Need to Go Outside to Eliminate!

February 23, 2013


Thought! Using Bells to Indicate Need to Go Outside to Eliminate! The idea seems simple and easy, but definitely has fallout. The bells don’t ALWAYS get paired with JUST elimination! I’m not sure I’d want a dog when I’m trying to work to constantly be ringing a bell telling me they want to go out! […]

The Evolution and Domestication of Dogs

February 7, 2013


The Evolution and Domestication of the Dog It is not hard to understand how many ways dog’s companionship serves human needs today. Dogs, resulting from domestication enjoy a truly unique status as companion animals. No other domestic animal enjoys the comfort and companionship given the dog. However, understanding how dogs achieved such unique status one […]

Distractions, dealing with reactive group member

January 12, 2013


  Sometimes the environment offers great opportunities to make one’s point! The adolescent dog was actually a bit better than before I stopped, went back inside to get video camera and set up the demonstration. On the other hand, even though she is still a bit reactive, she does calm down simply by ignoring her. […]

Teaching Potty On Cue!

December 7, 2012


    Teaching Potty On Cue! All done in under 4 minutes! Lots of advantages when you teach dogs to go on cue!  


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