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Dog Play and Socialization

February 21, 2014


  February 21, 2014 This is Zoey, meeting Cooper (Vizsla) for first time. She’s already met Darwin and Boudicca, my dogs.

Manners Minder Get On Your Bed!

February 12, 2014


Using A Manners Minder to Train Dogs This demonstration was designed to only be a quick video so clients could see an alternative way to train “get on your mat”, in this case, it was get on your bed and stay, until released. Boudicca, my Jack Russell is already trained to do this behavior. I […]

Fetch and Retrieve

January 30, 2014


Practicing fetch and retrieve with Christie. She was rewarded with food treat after every successful retrieve. This behavior has been taught using only positive reinforcement and marker training.

Darwin Learning To Pick Up Toys

January 28, 2014


The Pet Professional Guild Proudly Invites You to Attend The First Annual International Celebration of Force-Free Training and Pet Care, read about this event here: Calling All Pet Lovers This following training session is my way of showing how we can positively train our dogs to do all kinds of behaviors using positive reinforcement and marker […]

More on the dreaded “No Reward Marker”

September 13, 2013


Here’s the video that sparked this post!  Dogs at play and my commentary! Darwin, Cooper and Boudicca Sept 2013  This is great! If you don’t watch anything but the last 1 minute or less, the opportunity is presented and it’s set up during the video with my added commentary and my well-timed use of a […]

Pointing Test Two Trials 10 Repetitions Each Boudicca April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013


                                    After reading A Virtual Pack, to Study Canine Minds i tested Boudicca, a 7 year old female Jack Russell terrier, using the easiest test demonstrated in the video [link provided in sources]. If you’re interested in conducting […]


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